book launch

We launched our first book

Today is a big day here at Hidden Key Publishing. Our first book is live on Amazon. It’s a cozy mystery titled Crime and Nourishment. The entire team at Hidden Key publishing outlined the plot, and storyline and we had a lot of fun doing it.

The story centers around an amateur sleuth named Angie Prouty who owns a bookstore / cafe. Like all good cozies it’s set in a small town and we chose to set the book on the island of Nantucket so that the isolation of the island can play a factor in the plot. We built up a colorful cast of characters to surround Angie including a punk rock pastry chef best friend, a wise great aunt full of island gossip, a wealthy young suitor and many more.

We are super excited to see our hard work published, but even more excited to test out our own services with a launch. We’ll write more about that when we have results.

Please give it a read!

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