author launch

Making Miranda

We finally have our book written. Our outline was brought to life by a talented writer and wonderful editor. We are in the middle of getting the book cover designed, and the designer asked me what name to put on as an author.

Truthfully, I didn’t know. Who wrote the book? We came up with the story, but no one person had all the ideas. We collaborated with the writer. Our editor made substantial, wonderful changes to both prose and story. The truth is, no one person wrote the book. However, on Amazon you need an author name.

We decided we’d make up a pen name that would be the author. We would not be subversive about it and hide the fact that the book was a collaboration, but we still needed a brand for the books. We went back and forth a lot, but finally settled on name we thought was good. Miranda Sweet. We liked Sweet as the last name since cozy mysteries often have baking connotations and Miranda seemed like a good 3-syllable name to come before a 1 syllable last name.

Then we picked a cartoon avatar for the Author page. We felt that this gave the right balance of friendliness while still communicating that she represents a collaboration of people rather than a single person.

Say hi to Miranda!